Talk: Introducing Thinking in Bets in Product teams

Talk: Introducing Thinking in Bets in Product teams

A few days ago, I presented at the Agnostic Agile, a talk I worked on for a while on uncertainty in Product development. Although my focus has shifted back to Engineering Leadership, delivery is a crucial aspect of it. Handling uncertainty and creating a process that allows teams to be autonomous is key to my role.

As the title suggests, I discuss how I introduced the Thinking in Bets principles in the past. The talk is a practical overview of the incremental changes I made to the process to incorporate those principles; the key aspects I touch on are:

  • Before optimising any process, it's critical for you and your team to visualise it.
  • The problem and solution team are the same team at the end, and a close collaboration without handoffs speed up discovery.
  • Central to achieving outcomes is to debate multiple options with your teams when picking a solution for a problem. Thinking in terms of bets and probabilities helps decision making drastically.

See below the talk and the slides; I hope you will enjoy them:

Thinking in Bets is an incredible book; I suggest reading it or listening to the interview the author (Annie Duke)  did with Shane Parish.

Thanks, Nabil and the Agnostic Agile community for the warm welcome and the great questions.