Talk: Scaling Babylon's Workflow Platform

Talk: Scaling Babylon's Workflow Platform

Recently at an event organised by Camunda, David Xiao and I have presented our experience moving from a delivery team to a platform team, the challenges and the benefits we perceived during the transition.

David did an incredible job explaining how we technically used Camunda to transition to a Platform approach, while I focused more on the organisational and delivery aspects. Those are my key takeaways:

  • Having a single team responsible for building workflows across your organisation is not very scalable.
  • While you can use inner sourcing, our approach to centralise the releases while adopting it caused quite a few problems.
  • In the right conditions, having a Workflow Platform can increase flow in your organisation.
  • Using a Platform as a product amplify the effect of your investment and allow the team that build the platform to be a value multiplier

I hope you are going to enjoy the full content below.

Recorded during Camunda’s Process Automation Forum in November 2021